Business Plumbing Fixture Rebates

Find rebates for a range of water-saving plumbing fixtures for your commercial property.

Four urinals on a blue tiled wall in public restroom. Very high resolution


Program Overview:

PWP offers a number of cash rebates on water-efficient devices in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District. Rebates listed below are special rates for PWP commercial customers. Find full program details and reserve your rebate at the SoCal Water$mart website or by calling them to inquire about your existing reservation or rebate status.

Rebate Amounts:

  • Premium High Efficiency Toilet in Multi-Family Unit built before 1994 - $250 (Funds for this program have been exhausted at this time. Please check back for further updates) 
  • Premium High Efficiency Toilet (Must upgrade toilet from 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) or greater to a 1.1 gpf or less) - $100
  • Zero/Ultra-low Flow Urinals (Must upgrade from a ≥1.5 gpf urinal) - $400
  • Plumbing Flow Control Valve - $10

Eligible Customers:

To be eligible for this program, your non-residential property must have an active PWP account in good standing. Funds are limited, and rebate amounts are subject to change at any time. Rebate reservations must be made prior to purchase for all commercial rebates.  

How to Get Started:

Visit the SoCal Water$mart website for a complete list of available rebates and eligibility requirements.