Customized Incentive Program

Designed for large and complicated efficiency projects, the Customized Incentive Program will help you offset upfront costs and improve your bottom line by providing incentives tailored specifically for your project.

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Program Overview:

The Customized Incentive Program is available for any technology not listed in our Business Rebate Program.   Since some efficiency projects are complex, the Customized Incentive Program was designed to provide custom savings solutions for complicated efficiency projects.

Interested in receiving a rebate check sooner? Check out our Business Rebate Program which is designed to be the quick and easy way to receive big rebates.

Funds are limited and rebate amounts are subject to change at any time. Maximum rebate is $50,000 per metered PWP commercial electric service account, per PWP fiscal year (July-June). Unmetered electric services are not eligible for the Custom Incentive Program. Total rebate amount (including any applicable bonuses) shall not exceed twenty five percent (25%) of the total project cost, including parts and labor.

Rebate Amounts:

This program is only available for any technology not incentivized through our Business Rebate Program.

Category Standard Incentive Rates*
Lighting Technologies 5₵ per kWh
Non-Lighting Technologies 5₵ per kWh
New Construction 5₵ per kWh

* Incentives per kWh saved in the first year for projects that exceed current California Code of Regulations (Title 24), California Green Buildings Standards Code (CALGreen), and/or minimum City standards, when such codes are applicable. Incentive maximum is $50k per commercial electric service account per PWP fiscal year, and incentive cannot exceed 25% of the total project cost.

Not sure if the Customized Incentive Program is right for you? Visit our Online Rebate Estimator to estimate savings and incentives.

Eligible Customers:

To be eligible for this program, you must have an active commercial electric PWP account in good standing. Funds are limited, and rebate amounts are subject to change at any time. Rebate reservations must be made prior to purchase and installation of new equipment.

How to Get Started:


Step 1: Estimate 

Create an account our Online Rebate Estimator and fill out a complete description of your project to estimate savings and incentives. Save your Rebate Estimate as a PDF file.

Step 2: Apply

Submit an application for your incentive and attach the Rebate Estimate PDF file.  PWP will contact you within 3 business days to schedule a site inspection.

Within 5 business days of the site inspection, you will receive a Rebate Reservation Letter with verified savings and incentive amounts. Please read, sign and return the letter to promptly, with the Rebate Application number in the subject line.  You may commence project work after receiving the Rebate Reservation Letter.

Step 3: Install

You have up to 6 months from the Rebate Reservation Letter date to complete the project. Once the project is complete, please email your final paid invoice to and PWP will contact you to schedule a final site inspection.

Need more time? Request an extension by emailing Rebate extensions are subject to PWP review and approval.

Step 4: Get Paid

It takes up to six weeks for PWP to evaluate your installation and process the incentive payment.