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Distribution Voltage Conversion Projects

PWP has an ongoing program to convert outdated 4kV distribution circuits in the city, along with their aging infrastructure assets, to 17kV while replacing and upgrading assets during construction.

The conversion projects will provide increased reliability, expanded system capacity, and improved power quality to customers. Poles, transformers, and conductors will also be replaced or upgraded in the construction process, providing new assets to last for the long term.

Timeline and Location

One such conversion project is planned for Temple Alley, and a neighboring block, between Hill Ave., and Sinaloa Ave. Construction is expected to start June 6, and last approximately two weeks.

Two outages will be necessary to complete the project. One short outage, approximately 2 hours in length, will be required to swap service connections, when crews replace transformers, low voltage conductors, and service drops. Dates of outages at any specific address are unknown currently, but when construction crews progress through the project additional notifications will be sent out. A final longer outage of 6-8 hours will be required at the end of the project, to cut the newly replaced infrastructure over to the new 17kV circuit feed point.

Due to the work happening in the alley, a temporary provision will be in place to allow residents to park on the streets in the area, which is normally restricted in the area where the project falls. Residents are given time to move vehicles out of the alley before the start of construction each morning.

Construction crews will coordinate with Public Works Solid Waste regarding trash pickup in the alley.

PWP strongly recommends that customers in the neighborhood review our outage preparation tips.

Contact Information

For questions, please contact:

  • Joe Armstrong, Power Distribution Crew Supervisor, at (626) 744-3705 or send an email.
  • William Varsh, Principal Electrical Engineer, at (626) 744-4271 or send an email.