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El Mirador Tower Fire Threat Mitigation and Infrastructure Improvement Project

The El Mirador Tower Fire Threat Mitigation and Infrastructure Improvement project, which is scheduled to begin in April 2024, will address utility infrastructure providing power to residents and up to the El Mirador Radio Tower and Reservoir. Pasadena Water and Power and contractors Diversified Utility Services Inc. will begin a construction project in this neighborhood to upgrade electrical infrastructure.

The improvements will include the installation of covered primary conductor to significantly reduce fire ignition risk, and the replacement of aging poles for more robust structures in the area. Along with local improvements like transformer upgrades and secondary conductor upgrades to improve power quality to customers, the improvements will also allow for fiber optic communication to be run to the El Mirador Radio Tower to aid in communication for City safety services at a strategically advantageous geographic location.

News and updates will be published periodically to this website.

Timeline and Location

Construction will begin on April 22, along Glen Oaks Blvd, from Fairlawn Dr. to the El Mirador Tower and Reservoir. A single short outage of approximately 2 hours will be required to swap service connections, when crews replace transformers, or low voltage conductors and services. Dates of outages at any specific address is unknown currently, but when construction crews progress through the project additional notifications will be sent out.

Due to the narrow street width inside the project area, “No Parking” notices will also be post at specific location the days the construction crews are at given location. Road and driveway access will be maintained throughout the project, though flaggers will be posted to safely control vehicles passing around utility bucket trucks when the road is reduced to one lane.

PWP strongly recommends that customers in the neighborhood review our outage preparation tips.

Contact Information

For questions, please contact:

  • Joe Armstrong, Power Distribution Crew Supervisor, at (626) 744-3705 or send an email.
  • William Varsh, Principal Electrical Engineer, at (626) 744-4271 or send an email.