Transportation Electrification

To support our goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, PWP will continue to expand upon "transportation electrification" in Pasadena.  PWP will provide resources for not only consumer electric vehicles, but also company fleet vehicles and larger vehicles such as transit buses. PWP is also improving the charging infrastructure in Pasadena by installing chargers at public at parking structures throughout the city. Check out this page for all the latest news in Transportation Electrification.

Transportation Electrification News

In late March 2018, PWP added two new all-electric Honda Claritys to its carpool fleet, purchased locally from lowest bidder Pasadena Honda. PWP owns a variety of electric vehicles as carpool vehicles, for displays at community events, and to promote alternative fuel technology.

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Where to Find Charging Stations Near You

A number of charging options are already available on the road including PWP’s DC Fast Charger located at the Del Mar Metro Station, where you can receive a full charge in under 30 minutes and be back on the road in no time. Not all charging stations are alike or compatible with your EV’s charging specifications, so check your vehicle specifications for charging station compatibility before plugging in.

Pasadena Charge Stations: PlugShare