Sheldon Reservoir Hügel Workshops are a Success!

PWP hosted two Hügel Workshops in January 2020, focused on teaching local residents about the benefit of the permaculture technique. With almost 50 attendees over the weekend, PWP was able to educate community members and volunteers about the importance of water-efficient gardens. Providing hands-on experience during the workshops allows residents to practice  water conservation gardening that they can apply in their home landscapes too.

A Hügel, or Hügelkultur, is a permaculture technique that utilizes wood debris and other compostable biomass to enhance a mounded soil bed on which foliage, trees, and shrubs can be planted. Two hügels were constructed at the Sheldon Reservoir.

These workshops were part of the larger effort to transform the landscape at one of PWP's important reservoir sites, Sheldon Reservoir. When completed in Spring 2020, the new site will feature a Community Demonstration Garden as well as a sidewalk and closed loop path. Part of PWP’s commitment to the community focuses on improving City facilities and beautifying neighborhoods in water-wise ways. Visit the Sheldon Reservoir webpage to learn more about the project.

Check out these photos from the January 24, 2020 workshop!