Hydration Stations

A woman reaches for a glass of water that is sitting next to a PWP water bottle. Text reads "Interested in installing a Hydration Station at your Business? $1500 Rebate Offer"

Hydration Station Program Background

The PWP Hydration Station Program (also known as a Water Bottle Filling Station) was launched in May 2019 to provide the community with access to safe, great-tasting, high quality tap water. This program is part of PWP’s larger efforts to educate the community about the quality and value of their tap water, as well to encourage water conservation through education and reduce plastic waste within Pasadena. Pasadena’s drinking water is high quality, contains important minerals like magnesium and calcium, and is more affordable and safer than bottled water. By switching to tap water, consumers can boost their health and preserve our planet!

Commercial Incentives

PWP provides a $1,500 incentive for Pasadena-based organizations (schools, non-profits, city-owned facilities, etc.) and commercial customers to install indoor water bottle filling stations. Interested organizations should complete the application and submit it to PWP. Please click here to download the application.

Hydration Stations installed by Pasadena customers.

Hydration Station installed at the Arlington Gardens in Pasadena

Hydration Station installed at the Arlington Gardens in Pasadena


To receive a rebate for a hydration station, the following criteria must be met:

  • Availability is limited.
  • The installation site must be publicly located (for example city-owned facilities, schools, gyms, community centers, hotels, etc.)
  • Installation site must be in an area that receives high pedestrian traffic or provides recreational activity.
  • Applicant agrees to install signage provided by PWP at the site of hydration station.
  • Applicant agrees to complete installation within 60 days of application approval date.
  • Applicant agrees that the City of Pasadena is not responsible for any costs associated with installation or maintenance of station.
  • Applicant agrees to a promotional opportunity post-installation (for example, featured in a PWP newsletter, or photo opportunity).
  • Project must not have started prior to application approval.


Please submit the following to PWP before starting your project:

  • Complete application, click here to download
  • Specifications for organization's selected hydration station (include a photo and the unit's make/model)
  • Copies of any required permits

Ready to apply? Send us an email, or mail your application and supplemental materials to:

Re: Hydration Station Program Application
ATTN: Water Conservation
Pasadena Water and Power
150 S. Los Roble Ave. Suite #200
Pasadena, CA 91101

Funding for this program is limited. Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis until PWP rebate funds have been exhausted.A maximum of one (1) rebate will be issued for every water account per PWP fiscal year. Rebate payment will be made upon completion of post-installation inspection and submittal of receipt of purchase.

The City of Pasadena reserves the right to reject applications and proposed hydration station models. The City of Pasadena is not liable for defects of unit or installation difficulties.

For a complete list of program guidelines, click here.

Hydration Station installed at local New Horizon School, pictured left before install, pictured right after install.

Hydration Stations installed at Brookside Golf Course at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena

Find a Hydration Station Near You

  • La Pintoresca Park and Library, 1355 N Raymond Ave.
  • Villa Parke Community Center, 363 E Villa St.
  • Brenner Park, 235 Barthe Dr.
  • Hahamongna Watershed Park, 4550 Oak Grove Dr.
  • Jackie Robinson Park, 1080 N Fair Oaks Ave.
  • Memorial Park, 85 E Holly St.
  • Washington Park, 700 E Washington Blvd.