Income Qualified EV Incentives

PWP offers additional funds and support for customers who are income-qualified, or own a business in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC).


PWP offers a $250 rebate for any residential electric customer who purchases or leases a new/used EV. Plus, get another $250 for purchasing/leasing from a local Pasadena auto dealer.

Customers currently enrolled in an income-qualifying program with PWP are eligible to receive an additional $1,000 in rebates for the purchase or lease of a new/used EV.

If you qualify, apply here.


In addition to the $3,000 rebate* for the installation of a smart Level 2 (240V) charging station for commercial, workplace, multi-unit dwelling (MUD), and fleet customers - a double-incentive bonus (up to $6,000 per charger) is available for the following sites:

  1. Charging stations installed at income-qualified housing structures serving 80% or more income-qualified customers as defined by the State of California Health and Safety Code Section 50105. This section defines “Very Low Income” households as persons and families at or below 50 percent of area (Los Angeles County) median income, adjusted for family size, and revised annually;
  2. Charging stations installed at disadvantaged community (DAC) areas as defined by the CalEnviroScreen (see map on the Commercial Charger Incentive Program webpage).
  3. Any DC Fast Charger equipped with SAE Combo (CCS), Tesla, or an equivalent that is approved by PWP;
  4. Charging stations accessible to students and patrons of schools recognized by the Los Angeles County Department of Education or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

A $1,500 rebate for the installation of non-network charging stations is available for commercial customers, for a maximum rebate amount of up to $15,000 per site/account/customer. A separate dedicated electrical service may be required.

*The $3,000 rebate applies to each port of a multiple port charger, as long as each user is able to charge simultaneously at full capacity. If charging capacity is reduced when multiple ports are in use - the additional rebate does not apply per port.

Chargers must be installed on or after August 1, 2018 for the rebate to apply.

If you qualify, apply here.