Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Program

Using greywater -- the water from your bathroom sinks, showers, and washing machine -- is an innovative way to preserve our precious drinking water. PWP offers a free, no cost Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) Greywater Program to help you start reusing the water from your washing machine to water your plants. Learn more about Greywater Systems on our informational webpage.

graphic of clothes washer, with bowl of clothes on top, and water, greywater, going down a pipe towards a green tree

"Everyone involved in the entire process was extremely professional and helpful. From the workshop I attended, the site review, the installation itself - all of the details were taken well in hand. I am more than satisfied would not hesitate to recommend this program to all of my friends and neighbors." - District 5 Participant

L2L systems are the only type of greywater systems that do not need a permit to be installed.

Steps to Apply

The Laundry to Landscape (L2L) Program is a free, no cost program offered to PWP water customers. See application for additional requirements.

1. Submit a L2L Application.
2. PWP will review complete applications, and will schedule onsite surveys to assess eligibility.
3. Once an application is approved, PWP will schedule an installation appointment.

Note: All utility staff and crews carry City of Pasadena identification. Customers should always request to see City of Pasadena identification before allowing access to your property. Also, if you are concerned about whether any vendor or contractor who claims to represent the City is legitimate, please call us at (626) 744-4311.

Contact us with questions or for more information.