Lead Testing in Schools

On Jan. 19, 2017, the Department of Drinking Water amended the permit requirements for a CA water agency to operate as a Community Water System. The amendment now requires CA water agencies to provide assistance with sampling a school's drinking water system to test for lead. A request can be made by K-12 schools served by the district and must be made by Nov. 1, 2019.

Water Test

PWP currently conducts test on its water system and has not detected any lead. Up until this recent amendment, CA water agencies were not permitted to test the drinking water in schools. It is important to note that Pasadena does not have any lead service lines or water system infrastructure. However, should lead be detected, it would likely be due to brass fixtures, commonly used for drinking fountains in schools.

Should a water agency receive a request to conduct testing of a school’s drinking water, the water agency will assist the school with developing a Sampling and Analysis Plan that allows for collecting samples from up to five locations per school. The permit amendment states that any remediation will be at the cost of the school district.

For more information, please contact: PWP's Water Quality Manager, Dr. David Kimbrough at 626.744.7315

PWP publishes an annual Consumer Confidence Report, which includes test results of the organic chemicals, minerals, metals, and bacteria in its well water.  View the latest report here.