Schedule a Meter Spot Consultation with Electric Service Planning

Request a Meter Spot

Please fill out the below application and request a day to be contacted. This is not a service appointment; PWP will not visit the property on the requested date. You will be contacted by email at the end of your selected day.

Determine Your Property Zone

To begin the Meter Spot process, please consider the map below to determine the zone of your property. West Pasadena is any property west of Fair Oaks Avenue, Central Pasadena is any property East of Fair Oaks Avenue and West of Allen Avenue, while East Pasadena is any property East of Allen Avenue.

NOTE: For project sites on Fair Oaks, or on Allen, the center of the street divides zones. For example, projects located on the west side of Fair Oaks are in the West Zone, while projects on the east side of Fair Oaks are in the Central Zone.


A map showing the boundaries of Pasadena with the "West" region stopping at Fair Oaks Avenue, the "Central" region stopping at Allen Avenue and the "East" region containing the rest.

Request a Meter Spot

For specific inquiries or requests regarding meter spot appointments, call (626) 744-4495 or email us at