Jan 19,

Metropolitan Water District Pipeline Shutdown Update

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (“MWD”) is planning a 10-day disruption of imported water deliveries from February 5 to 14, 2024. MWD’s pipeline that typically delivers MWD supplies to Pasadena Water and Power (“PWP”) will be shut down for valve maintenance and for MWD facility inspection.

PWP estimates minimal impacts to water deliveries given the disruption is planned for February, which typically exhibits a cooler and wetter environment.  PWP will implement precautionary measures, such as holding greater volumes of water in its reservoir tanks, utilizing local groundwater supplies, and partial flow of MWD supplies, when available, during the shutdown period. PWP coordinated with MWD in preparation of the reduced supplies and to ensure continued deliveries to PWP customers. PWP is performing outreach to key account customers, and other large commercial customers, for their assistance in curbing outdoor water use during MWD’s shutdown. PWP will continue to monitor water demands. Should there be dry weather during the rest of January, outreach efforts may be expanded to include customers throughout the service area regarding voluntary reduction of outdoor watering.

Currently, the City is under a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage Plan that restricts outdoor watering to one day per week through March 31. PWP appreciates the community’s support and dedication to adhering to the Level 2 Water Supply Shortage Plan guidelines to help stretch critical water supplies. For more information, visit our Save Water page.