PWP Launches New Customer Information System

PWP is excited to announce the replacement of its existing customer information system (CIS); and in Spring 2022 will be introducing a new platform that will include enhancements to improve the customer experience and provide easy-to-access information online.

PWP's new online system is live. Please create your account and enjoy the brand new features!

[su_youtube url="" width="200" height="320" title="How to Log In"]

Pasadena Water and Power customers will see a host of new features after this system upgrade. Most notably, customers will see a new look to their utility bill and will be assigned new account numbers.

Customers will also have access to a new online customer account portal that will provide key automation features:

  • Set-up/cancel services online
  • Store credit card information
  • Schedule electronic payments
  • View past billing data
  • Receive notifications when e-statements are available

All this from the convenience of your smart phone!