Utility Services Planning & Upgrades

Whether you are building a new home or office, remodeling, installing solar panels or even adding an electric vehicle charging station, you can rely on PWP's Utility Services Planning Division to help you determine your electrical and water service needs.

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1. Getting Started: Preparing, Planning and Permitting

2. Determine if a Review by the PWP team is required

After your plans have been submitted to the Pasadena Permitting office, your project will be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that the Pasadena Code of Ordinances conditions are met.  If your project requires changes or upgrades to the water or power service to your home, an extra level of review is required from PWP.  The Planning and/or Fire Department will help you determine if this extra step is necessary for your project.

If your project does require approval from PWP’s Utility Services Planning Division, review the rules and regulations for adding or changing your utility service.

  • For general electric utility service requirements, please refer to Regulation 21 for rules and regulations regarding electrical service connections.
  • For water service connection rules & regulations, please refer to the Water Service Regulations (PDF).
  • For self-generation and interconnection rules and regulations, please refer Regulation 23.  

3. Obtaining Approval from PWP’s Utility Services Planning Division

If your project requires new or upgraded water or electric service to your home, PWP's Electric and Water Utility Planning Groups are happy to help customers understand the requirements and determine the service needs. Our highly qualified Utility Services Planners are available to assist you, please call to schedule your appointment at: 626.744.4495. Electric Service Planning can also be reached at ESP@cityofpasadena.net

Utility Services Planners are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and every other Friday.

Visit the City of Pasadena Schedule for the complete list of City holidays and Friday closures.

Utility Services Planning Processes

For a list of required applications and documents to bring to your appointment, and for more information about the utility service planning process, visit the following pages: