Sep 25,

PWP Launches New Website

PWP is pleased to share the launch of its new website. The redesign began six months ago as part of a larger City-wide effort to update all department webpages.

PWP’s primary objective for the new website was to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience. By conducting research on user behavior, PWP discovered that visitors primarily visit the website to pay utility bills, learn about programs and incentives, discover PWP’s sustainable goals, and view outage information. The new website now displays these commonly searched topics on the front page. PWP also improved the user experience by building a more robust search function, upgrading the look and feel of the Outage Map, and adding mobile responsiveness to the website.

The newly redesigned webpage is one of the many ways PWP is committed to being a customer-focused utility. PWP’s future plans to introduce new electric and water frameworks, to update its system master plans, and to focus on delivering environmentally-responsible service will help ensure the success of Pasadena’s businesses and the quality of life for Pasadena’s residents.

Your feedback is important, please send us your thoughts on the new website! Email us at: