One Day per Week Outdoor Watering Schedule Effective September 1, 2022

On August 15, 2022, Pasadena City Council approved Pasadena Water and Power’s (“PWP”) recommendation to move up the one day per week outdoor irrigation schedule to September 1, 2022. The region is experiencing unprecedented drought conditions that are significantly impacting water supplies, leading to critically low storage levels on the State Water Project and Colorado River systems, as well as declining local groundwater levels.

While PWP customers have made significant strides in conserving water since the Level 2 Water Shortage Plan was implemented in August 2021, Pasadena must expand its water conservation efforts in order to meet the City’s 15 percent water-use reduction goal. By implementing the one day per week watering schedule in September, rather than in November when it is typically implemented, Pasadena will take a proactive approach to conserving water. Additionally, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (“MWD”) is performing critical infrastructure maintenance between September 6 and September 20, 2022. As a result, MWD is calling for communities to significantly reduce water use, including eliminating outdoor watering during the maintenance period. By implementing the one day per week watering schedule starting September 1, Pasadena is able to further support MWD’s call-to-action and sustain critical water savings across the community.

Customers with even-numbered street addresses must only water on Mondays, while customers with odd-numbered street addresses must only water on Tuesdays. All outdoor watering must take place before 9 AM and after 6 PM to comply with Pasadena Municipal Code 13.10. To learn more about the water schedule updates, conservation programs and rebates and water efficiency tips – visit