Outward Bound Adventures

PWP Partners with Outward Bound Adventures

PWP frequently partners with the Pasadena-based, Outward Bound Adventures (“OBA”)  to engage the students in learning more about the services offered by its community-owned utility.

Established in 1959, OBA began as an afterschool program focused on reaching out to youth from economically disadvantaged families. Today, OBA is a nationally recognized organization known for using the outdoors as a means to educate youth and their families about the environment and mentorship to promote self-development and provide outdoor career exposure to urban youth.

Most recently, PWP embarked on an effort with OBA to develop a Watershed Stewards Academy. For the next several months, the students will work closely with PWP’s water engineers to learn about the hydrological cycle, understand the importance of stream habitat and brush removal, and help with trail maintenance. The goal of the Watershed Stewards Academy is to provide hands on experience for the youth, encourage them to become leaders in watershed protection and health, as well as facilitators of volunteer restoration initiatives on the watershed. An added benefit is to gain experience which may lead to careers in science and engineering. This is one of the many ways PWP is investing in our Pasadena future, striving to create advocates among the youth and ensure Pasadena continues to have an abundant local water supply to meet the community’s needs.