Power Delivery Master Plan

Pasadena Water and Power recently completed a new document for the benefit of power delivery planning. The Power Delivery Master Plan (PDMP) is a detailed strategic plan focused on addressing critical challenges, long-term strategies, and future guidance in order to maintain a safe, reliable and cost-effective power delivery system. The PDMP serves as general direction over a 20-year period, and will be redeveloped every five years to ensure renewed focus and analysis.

In addition to other important goals, the PDMP addresses:

  • Future growth of Pasadena, and the infrastructure necessary to support it.
  • New technology, such as Advanced Metering and Power System Automation.
  • Enhancements to the utility in order to provide continued reliable and quality power delivery.
  • Economic planning, ensuring PWP’s future is cost-effective and scalable.
  • Repairs and modifications, both immediate and over a long-term period of time.


Below are links to presentation slides from some of the meetings regarding the PDMP.

2022 Final Power Delivery Master Plan