Archived Power Integrated Resource Plans

PWP updates its Power Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) every few years. We have made significant progress towards achieving the goals established in previous IRPs, including the repowering of local gas-fired generation, reducing reliance on energy from its coal-fired power plant, and increasing procurements of renewable resources to meet 40% of retail sales by 2020. Review our archives for documents from our past IRPs.

2018 Power IRP

Pasadena’s 2018 IRP, one of the earliest to be produced in California that is compliant with the ambitious environmental targets of SB-100, was approved by the City Council on December 10, 2018.  Developed through an extensive community stakeholder process designed to evaluate resource planning options that would best balance system reliability with fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship, the 2018 IRP recommends carbon-free long-term resource commitments, elimination of coal-fired generation, and aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets. View the 2018 Power IRP  Document. 

Strategies include:

  • Achieving the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) target of 60% by 2030 as required by SB-100
  • Meeting the California Air Resources Board’s recommended GHG emissions reduction planning target of at least 75% below 1990 levels by 2030
  • Eliminating coal from PWP’s power portfolio by June 2027
  • Non-participation in the Intermountain Power Renewal Project, a 50-year natural gas coal facility replacement project
  • Meeting local energy needs without any new long-term contracts for fossil-fueled resources
  • Utilization of a Social Cost of Carbon for long-range planning purposes (as a dispatch penalty in the production cost model)

2015 IRP Goals & Accomplishments

The 2015 IRP reaffirmed PWP’s commitment to environment stewardship by implementing goals that have exceeded California state mandates:

Recommendation 2015 IRP Goal Status
Renewable Energy: RPS 40% by 2020; meet/exceed mandated level On track:

Expect 32.5% for 2017; Expect to meet 40% by 2020. Additional procurement ongoing

Coal Power Displacement Eliminate coal from portfolio no later than 2027 On track:

IPP coal facility will convert to a natural gas facility as early as 2025. Entered into a renewal agreement with IPP on 1/16/17

Upgrades to Existing Generation Continue to maintain and upgrade Glenarm Unit (“GT”) 2 On track:

Feasibility study for GT-2 repairs is complete. Staff recommends repairing the unit.

New Local Gas-Fired Generation Replace Broadway power plant with comparable new combined cycle plant by 2015 Complete:

GT-5 project came online December 2016, at 71 MW (gross) & 68.8 MW (net)

GHG Emissions Reductions Reduction of at least 60% from PWP’s 1990 levels by 2030 On track:

39% GHG emissions reductions as of 2016

Energy Savings Reductions of 1% of annual net energy load On track.
Additional Demand Response Add 2.3 MW per year Project on hold, due to cost and implementation hurdles
Renewable Energy: Local Solar Community Solar Pilot Project by the end of 201 Project on hold, due to cost and implementation hurdles
Renewable Energy: Feed in Tariff for Renewable Resources Inside the City 5 MW by 2020; 10 MW by 2017

Establish Feed in Tariff by end of 2016

Project on hold, due to cost and implementation hurdles


2015 IRP Documents

Staff Report- 2015 IRP Plan

Attachment 1- Assumptions and Analysis

Attachment 2- Bill Impact Analysis

PowerPoint- 2015 IRP Plan

2015 PWP IRP Update

2015 IRP Exhibit 1 – B&V Report Pasadena Distributed PV Potential Assessment Report

2015 IRP Exhibit 2 - PWP Energy Efficiency and Demand Reduction Goals

2015 IRP Exhibit 3 - PWP RPS Policy

2015 IRP Exhibit 4 - Feed In Tariff Rates

2015 IRP Exhibit 5 - CAISO Level Integration Costs

2015 IRP Exhibit 6 - Report to PWP Assessment of Distribution Level PV Integration Costs

2015 IRP Exhibit 7 - Key Assumptions and Analysis

2015 IRP Exhibit 8 - Customer Survey Responses 05-15-2015

2015 IRP Exhibit 9 - Portfolio Scorecards

2015 IRP Exhibit 10 - Bill Impact Analysis

2015 IRP Exhibit 11 - IRP Glossary and Acronyms

IRP Load Forecast Summary

Additional IRP Documents

IRP Glossary and Acronym list

City Council Agenda Report and Attachments

2012 IRP Update

2009 IRP Update

AB 2514 Energy Storage Systems Evaluation

AB 2514 Energy Storage System Procurement

Community Meeting Presentation Materials


PWP 2015 IRP Update Energy Roadmap Presentation

2015 IRP Customer Survey Results Summary

Feed In Tariff Rate Comparison


PWP Energy Roadmap II Presentation

Black & Veatch Presentation