PWP Celebrates Public Power Week 2022

Every year, the first week of October is nationally recognized as Public Power Week. PWP, along with the American Public Power Association and other utilities in the U.S, celebrated Public Power Week October 2-8, 2022.

Public Power Week is a time for utilities and other organizations to share the importance of publicly-owned utility services and the way we serve our communities. As a not-for-profit public service, PWP operates for the benefit of Pasadena's residents, businesses and visitors. Our priorities are reliability, responsiveness to customers, reasonable rates and environmental stewardship. We measure our success not by profits, but rather by the reliability and affordability of our services.

Here are some of the ways you can celebrate Public Power with us, any time of year!

  • Watch a special video featuring The Outtawatta Family, Uncle Ace Explores Pasadena's Power Resources, for a family-friendly way to learn about electricity, where power comes from, and tips for staying safe around electricity.
    • Uncle Ace comes to town but has much to learn about energy efficiency, renewable vs. non renewable resources and electrical safety. ¬†Read the Story - Uncle Ace's Power Trip is available for reading online anytime!
    • Enjoy this Monster Detective Collective Coloring Page¬†celebrating public power week.
  • Check out our most recent reports to learn about the hard work PWP is doing to provide reliable power and high quality water sustainably and effectively.
  • Check out this video from the American Public Power Association celebrating Public Power Week 2022.
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and follow our journey as we share what being #CommunityPowered means.