PWP Celebrates Earth Month

Throughout the month of April and specifically on April 22, 2021 communities around the world will celebrate Earth Day! Here are some of the ways Pasadena Water and Power will also be celebrating, and encouraging our community members to think green.

  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we'll be sharing tips to make your home or business more green each day of the week, starting April 19.
  • Join us for a special Storytime on Earth Day, plus check out The Outtawatta Family and their journey to conservation, all via our Online Education webpage.
  • Watch our video resources below, which includes tips to be more efficient and how-to videos for landscaping, and remember to check back here for more content leading up to Earth Day.
  • Learn about what action you can take to go green through our Save Water, Save Energy and Go Green webpages.
  • Color a picture! Download our Earth Day coloring page here.

Video Resources

Make a difference, participate in one of our many programs and contribute to improving our planet's well-being!

[su_youtube url="" width="200" height="320" title="Earth Month - Make a Difference"]

Transform your irrigation system with spray-to-drip; don't forget PWP offers a rebate to cover the cost of a conversion kit!

[su_youtube url="" width="200" height="320" title="Spray-to-Drip How To Video"]


Summer heat will be here soon, learn some easy tips you can use to save energy around the house!

[su_youtube url="" width="200" height="320" title="Tips to Beat the Heat with Energy Efficiency"]


Thinking about installing a greywater system in your home? This video will walk you through it!

[su_youtube url="" width="200" height="320" title="Laundry-to-Landscape"]


Read along with Miss Renae as we meet The Outtawatta Family, Pasadena's newest residents!

[su_youtube url="" width="200" height="320" title="The Outtawatta Family Storytime"]