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Former PWP General Manager Phyllis Currie Receives APPA Radin Award

Former PWP General Manager Phyllis Currie
Former PWP General Manager Phyllis Currie Receives APPA Radin Award

Former General Manager Phyllis Currie was awarded the Alex Radin Distinguished Service Award from the American Public Power Association (APPA), which was presented to her at the Association’s national conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota held in June 2015.
The award is the highest honor granted by APPA, recognizing exceptional leadership and dedication to public power.

Those eligible to be nominated must be official of an APPA member utility that has been active in the APPA for at least 10 years. Nominees should have demonstrated leadership and made contributions to public power locally and nationally; be recognized by their peers; exemplify the highest ideals and finest traditions in management; and have made contributions to the betterment of the community, the region, and the nation.

For her tenure in the industry, Currie continues to be recognized as an industry leader both at the state and national level, as well as a pioneer for women in leadership positions. She also served as president of the California Municipal Utilities Association and board member of the Southern California Public Power Authority. Previously, she was board chair of the American Public Power Association, and was on the board of the Electric Power Research Institute. Before joining PWP in 2001, Currie worked for the City of Los Angeles for 30 years and was CFO of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

To view the APPA award video click here.