Report an Outage

Report a power or water outage 24/7

Who to Contact During an Outage

  • Power Emergencies: 626.744.4673
  • Water Emergencies: 626.744.4138
  • Medical / Life Threatening Emergencies: Call 911
  • Non-Emergencies: 626.744.4005

Emergency/Unscheduled Outages

If you are experiencing an unscheduled power outage, please visit our Outage Map for locations of reported outages within the PWP service territory. If a water or power outage is anticipated to last more than 4 hours, PWP will post updates on our official Facebook and Twitter  pages.

Restoring Service - Our Priorities

PWP first priority during a water or power outage is to restore service as quickly as possible to the greatest number of customers. How quickly your service gets restored depends largely on how far away your home is from the cause of the outage. In most cases, service will be restored within a couple of hours.

Planned Outages

Planned outages are sometimes necessary to allow us to safely upgrade, maintain, or repair our water and electric systems. PWP will provide customers with at least 24-hours notice for all planned outages. Make sure you get notified - click here to learn more.

Customers with Critical Medical Needs

Customers who are on power-operated life support systems, or who rely heavily on electricity for other medical needs, are encouraged to sign up for the Pasadena Medical Assistance Program. Click here to learn more about the program, and other emergency preparedness resources available.

Rolling Blackouts

PWP is a partner in the state’s electricity grid and has a contact with the California Independent System operator (CAISO). When critical power overloads occur as a result of low reserves, extreme weather, unit failures, etc., the CAISO will issue a statewide Stage III Emergency. During a Stage III Emergency, involuntary rolling blackouts can occur for up to two hours throughout Pasadena.

Receive Outage Notifications

Reliable and safe utility service is our highest priority. In the unlikely event of a power outage, affected residents are notified with an automated call and provided estimated times of restoration.

To make sure you receive the call, make sure your contact information is up to date with your current mobile number in one of the following ways:

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Through Account Access

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By Mail

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By Phone

Call our Customer Service Center at 626.744.4005 during normal business hours