Deputy GM Shares Pasadena's Clean Energy Story

Pasadena Water and Power's Deputy General Manager, Eric Klinkner, was recently invited to share Pasadena's clean energy story with SEPA (Smart Electric Power Alliance). Klinkner was joined by experts from Cordova Electric and Austin Energy to discuss the ways the energy industry has changed, the challenges utilities currently face, and the innovative and creative ways they are remaining on the cutting edge.

Klinkner shared Pasadena's journey to renewable energy from it's inception in 2001, when "we started laying the seeds for diversification of our portfolio to include renewables." He shared that while at the time PWP adopted an RPS goal to procure 20% renewable resources by 2020, they soon surpassed that goal and the year 2020 saw almost 40% procurement of renewable resources instead.

The experts discussed future predictions and advice for other utilities in the country as well. Klinkner offered this advice: "Remain nimble! The challenge is having the ability to move as the market evolves while maintaining your core business." He also discussed the ways PWP has been able to continue innovating and expanding to remain energy diverse and at the forefront; being involved with cutting edge organizations both locally and nationwide is just one of the ways Pasadena has kept moving forward.

Watch the engaging conversation and learn more about PWP's clean energy story here.

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is a nonprofit organization that envisions a carbon-free energy system by 2050.