Service Interruption Policy

To avoid service interruptions for non-payment, customers should pay their bills by the due date. Pasadena Water and Power (“PWP”) customers are given 30 days after a bill is generated before a late fee is assessed.  The payment is considered late if received after the due date. If a customer does not receive a bill, they should call PWP Customer Service at (626) 744-4005 to inquire about the status of their bill or log into their online PWP account. Please Note: Customers must still pay by the due date regardless of if or when a bill is received.

When will PWP interrupt utility services?

  • Upon a customer’s request.
  • Power and commercial water customers, PWP may interrupt service when a bill is not paid within 15 days from the due date.
  • For residential water customers, California law (Senate Bill 998) allows for 60 days past the due date before service can be interrupted for non-payment.
  • When service to the customer constitutes an immediate hazard to persons or property.
  • In the event of meter tampering for the purpose of theft.

Weather exceptions to service interruptions for non-payment

PWP will not perform service interruptions for non-payment on electric and water services if, on the date of the scheduled disconnection, the National Weather Service (“NWS”) issues an excessive heat or cold weather advisory or warning is in effect or is forecasted to be in effect by the NWS, for the Los Angeles County area.

PWP will not perform a service interruption for non-payment on a Friday or the business day before a holiday.

For more information on NWS advisory definitions, please click here.