Sheldon Reservoir Project

PWP is embarking on a landscape transformation at the Sheldon Reservoir, which will feature a sidewalk, drought tolerant parkway plantings along Arroyo Blvd., and a newly constructed Community Demonstration Garden along Coniston Rd. Additionally, a closed loop path will be installed for ease of exploring the garden along with signage to learn about the plants and features.

Preliminary Landscape Plan and Design for the Sheldon Reservoir Project.


The garden site will be prepared in phases. Phase 1 will include clearing the site of grass and weeds, grading, sheet mulching, drip irrigation, and the installation of a decomposed granite path. Phase 1 began in August 2019 and is expected to be completed in October 2019.

Phase 2 includes planting at the garden site, placement of informational signage, completion of parkways and sidewalks, as well as the integration of a Hugel. Phase 2 is expected to start in October 2019 and is schedule for completion in Spring 2020.

All work for the project will be performed between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Get Involved

PWP will be hosting several workshops at the Sheldon Reservoir for residents who are interested in learning about landscaping topics such as sheet mulching, Hügels and planting. Visit our Events & Workshops page to register.

Check out this time-lapse video of our volunteers building a hügel!

Community Workshops Held:

In October and November 2019, PWP staff and volunteers prepared the soil and began the sheet mulching process at the Sheldon Reservoir. Community Planting Days were also hosted in December 2019. Most recently, PWP held Hügel Workshops in January 2020, where staff and volunteers constructed two hügels at the site.

Pictured below, staff and volunteers at the January 24, 2020 workshop.