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Shopper's Lane Electric Vehicle Charging Spots

This project was completed in December 2023.

Pasadena Water and Power, in partnership with Tesla, converted one row of parking spaces on Shopper's Lane into EV charging spaces. Twelve v3 250kWh Tesla Superchargers and eight PWP-owned 150kWh fast chargers were outfitted at this location. PWP expected minimal impact on the surrounding businesses and residences. Access to the parking lot and businesses was not be blocked.

Location and Interruptions

The construction site was in the southern end of the parking lot behind the businesses on the corner of Lake Avenue and San Pasqual Street. Two rows of parking spaces were closed during construction. One adjacent eastbound lane was also closed, allowing only for one way traffic to Shopper's Lane.

An additional section at the end of a neighboring row of parking space will also be closed. All parking spaces here will remain open and accessible, but it will block the turnaround lanes. Please see the map below for detailed instructions.

A map showing the southern end of the parking lot, behind the Ross store, on the corner of Lake Avenue and San Pasqual street. The first lane is one way (heading west) and the entire two rows of spots are closed. Another section, normally used to go around the next two rows, is also closed for passing through.



The project will be completed over two timelines: one for Tesla chargers and one for PWP's own chargers. The Tesla chargers will be in-service approximately in June 2023. The PWP chargers will be in-service approximately in August or September 2023. Stay tuned to this page for updates over the course of this project.

Phase 1 (Tesla Chargers) will begin in March and be in-service in June. Phase 2 (PWP chargers) will be installed and in-service in August.

Contact Information

For questions, please contact Evan Johnson, Senior Customer Program Analyst, at