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Shoppers Lane Underground Expansion

Project Overview

Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) installed underground conduits and vaults along Shoppers Lane, beginning south of Cordova St. and ending at San Pasqual Street. Construction concluded in the summer of 2022. 

The Shoppers Lane Underground Expansion project is part of the City’s effort to increase electric reliability and capacity in Pasadena. The new underground infrastructure and increased power capacity will allow for the future installation of new electric vehicle chargers along Shoppers Lane. This is an expansion of the current infrastructure, and is made possible by improvements made along Del Mar Blvd. earlier this year.

Due to the undergrounding work, the project involved trenching and planned lane closures inside the surface parking lots along Shoppers Lane, and periodic road closures. To minimize impacts on residents and businesses in the area, special efforts were taken to keep inconveniences to a minimum. All lane closures were clearly marked with traffic cones and signage to assist in guiding vehicle traffic. Work occurred in approximately 100-150 ft sections. Shoppers Lane was not closed completely, and construction occurred in areas that did not block access to parking stalls. Construction times were 7 AM to 4 PM on weekdays, and PWP made accommodates with alternate work hours when needed. Civil construction work was completed by a PWP Contractor, and electrical construction was completed by PWP crews.

The map below provides a reference guide for the construction project location. Upon construction, it was discovered that unknown water intrusion was seeping into the existing vault located at Del Mar Blvd & Shoppers Lane. Additional work to remediate and repair is required at a future date to be determined.

Full Project Construction Map

Shoppers Lane Underground Expansion Project Map Updated

Contact Information

For questions, please contact William Varsh, Principal Electrical Engineer at 626.744.4271, or send an email.