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Sierra Madre Median Project

Pasadena Water and Power, together with Public Works, is transforming the upper stretch of the Sierra Madre median just West of Hasting Ranch Drive, across from Pasadena Water and Power’s Jones Reservoir.

Landscape design for Sierra Madre Median.

Project Details

The first phase of the project has been completed and included building a system to bring water from the Jones reservoir across to the median, to irrigate the trees and future plantings.  PWP owns and operates the Jones Reservoir, a 50 million gallon concrete reservoir located beneath Hamilton Park. Treated water seeps daily through the concrete floor joints of the reservoir, is captured in a cistern and pumped to the reservoir embankment, adjacent parkway, and the Sierra Madre Boulevard median in front of the reservoir.  Prior to the water capture system being built, this treated water was lost to the storm drain.

Currently all the trees along this upper stretch of the Sierra Madre Median are being irrigated daily, using the underdrain recovery water captured from the Jones Reservoir.

The second phase of the project, scheduled to begin April 2022, includes designing and building a Hügel and planting native trees and plants, creating a sanctuary for birds, butterflies, and bees. A natural resource to clean and capture storm water. A garden to demonstrate low maintenance afforestation, succession, and water harvesting Hügelkultur techniques that residents can use in their own yards.

This project will have multiple benefits including:

  • Educational opportunities with nearby schools
  • Increased greenery to improve aesthetic views onsite
  • Reduced heat island effect
  • Increased soil health
  • Bioretention and bioswales clean stormwater and runoff
  • Retention and catch basins help recharge local groundwater
  • Increased pollinator and bird habitat

To learn more about Hügelkultur and where you can see existing Hügels, click here.

Comments, Questions or Suggestions

Please contact the Project Manager at to ask a question about this project, or to share a comment or suggestion.