Solar Application Instructions

Please note: PWP does not currently offer any solar incentives or rebates

A timeline of the application process: Application request to Initial Review to Permits & Customer Construction to PTO Requests and Inspection to PWP Meter Installation and finally, permission to operate.

Application Request

  1. Installers must submit an online application with Pasadena Water and Power through PWP’s online application system – PowerClerk
  2. The following documents are required
    1. Single Line Diagram (View sample)
    2. Site Plan (View sample)
    3. Net Metering and Surplus Compensation Enrollment Form
    4. Signed Contract between Customer and Installer
    5. Copy of Customer’s Electric Bill
    6. Interconnection Agreement
      1. For systems up to 15kW combined (including energy storage) inverter nameplate rating, use the Small Solar Generator Interconnection Agreement.
      2. For systems larger than 15kW combined (solar and energy storage) inverter nameplate rating, use the  Qualifying Facility Interconnection and Metering Agreement form. Customers are also required to provide insurance information as required by Section 11 in the Interconnection Agreement with the City of Pasadena – 100 N Garfield Ave, Pasadena CA 91101 listed as a Certificate Holder.
        • Pasadena Water and Power
          Attn: Electric Service Planning – Solar
          1055 E Colorado Blvd, Suite 350
          Pasadena, CA 91106
    7. Service Account Billing History or Verification of Square Footage of the Building
    8. Letter of approval from the Home Owners Association’s Board of Directors (if applicable)

PWP Initial Review

PWP staff will review the application and documents.

If the application is approved, the status in Powerclerk will be updated to “Initial Review Completed. Pending Permits/Construction.” PWP will then send out an email stating that the initial review has been completed and the customer can go to the Permit Center to apply for a building permit

If the application requires corrections, the status in PowerClerk will be updated to “Suspended – Application Request. Pending Customer Information.” PWP will then send out an email with the corrections required.

Permits/Customer Construction

During this phase, the customer/installer is responsible to obtain all applicable building permits from the Permit Center. Once permits are received, the solar system can be installed according to the approved plans. Installers are responsible for obtaining Fire and Building and Safety inspection signoffs.

PTO Request/PWP Inspection

Once Permit signoffs are received, PWP will conduct an on-site inspection within the next 5-7 business days. Customers or contractors are not required to be present, as long as there is access to the main service panel from the street. Customers can also request a virtual inspection by uploading the installation photos on PowerClerk. For sample photos for virtual inspections, click here.

PWP Meter Installation

Once the system passes inspection, PWP will dispatch a meter crew to replace the existing meter with a new bi-directional solar meter

Permission to Operate

After installation of the solar meter, PWP will switch the customer’s billing to the Net Energy Metering billing schedule and issue a “Permission to Operate” letter to the customer and installer notifying them the system has been fully approved by PWP.