Solar Cup Team Receives Perfect Score on Technical Report

Each year, PWP proudly sponsors John Muir High School's participation in Solar Cup. Solar Cup is a three-day, eco-boating competition offered annually by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD).

The competition takes place on Lake Skinner and encourages high school teams to work together to construct solar powered electric boats. To participate, each school must receive a sponsorship from its local water agency to help outfit its boat with solar panels, motors, propellers and other necessary equipment. In preparing for the race, students must attend workshops and a boat-building event where they learn about electrical and mechanical engineering, conservation, and other technical aspects.

Throughout the program, teams must submit technical reports, which are scored by MWD judges and ultimately taken into consideration when determining finalists. Recently, John Muir Solar Cup Team received a perfect score on their Drive Train/Steering Technical Report. MWD judges called the report "excellent" and "one of the best so far." Congratulations team, keep up the good work!