Community Sponsorship

PWP proudly engages with the community by partnering with local organizations and participating in events that help support our mission. If you would like to request a sponsorship, please follow the guidelines below.

PWP sponsors events that meet the following criteria:

  • Event is a city-sponsored or city-supported event.
  • Event is put on by community-based organizations including nonprofit groups, professional associations, educational institutions and public agencies.
  • PWP’s participation would help provide education about water and energy conservation, sustainability, and related concepts.
  • PWP’s participation would help to inspire innovation, development and further investment in the energy and water industries.

PWP’s criteria for in-kind contribution requests include:

  • Requesting agency must submit a sponsorship request form 30 days prior to event date.
  • Identify type of in-kind contribution requesting (coloring books, pencils, etc.)
  • One sponsorship request per agency, per year.

Approval Process

PWP’s General Manager or his/her designee will approve event sponsorships or participation. Please note that nothing in this policy establishes an entitlement right to any organization, agency, or individual to receive sponsorship donations

How to Submit a Sponsorship Request

To submit a request, please download the form below and email it to PWP Communications.