Spray-to-Drip Residential Retrofit Program

PWP is now offering FREE Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kits to single-family residential customers. Kits are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Drip system used on green succulents

Benefits of the Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit

Studies show that drip irrigation systems are very water-efficient, using 30 to 50% less water* than conventional watering methods, such as sprinklers. Retrofitting your residential irrigation system has numerous benefits.

  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Fewer weeds
  • Water directly reaches the root zone
  • Allows water to seep slowly into soil
  • Reduces water waste and run-off
  • Reduces water loss due to evaporation

*Water efficiency and potential savings are contingent on pre-existing conditions, irrigation system efficiency and other factors pertaining to customer's proper use of the Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit. PWP does not guarantee reduced water bills. 

What is in a Kit?

Each Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit is valued at approximately $288, and provides enough supplies to cover 200 linear feet of landscape. This kit is ideal for converting existing sprinklers to efficient drip irrigation for garden areas that have plants, shrubs and trees.

Each Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit comes with:

  • 20 - 0.5 GPH Drip Emitters
  • 20 - 1.0 GPH Drip Emitters
  • 20 - 2.0 GPH Drip Emitters
  • 50 - 6" Drip Line Staples
  • 1 - Hole Punch
  • 2 - PVC ½” Threaded Caps
  • 1 - ¾” Teflon Tape
  • 2 - Insert, Male ½”
  • 10 - Insert, Elbow
  • 10 - Insert, Coupling
  • 10 - Insert, Tee
  • 10 - Caps for Pop Ups
  • 1 - 1800 Body W/Filter & Pressure Regulator
  • 2 - 100’ Drip Coil

Get a FREE Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit

To receive your free kit:

1. Complete a Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit Application (download here) and submit the completed form. Applications can be emailed to water@cityofpasadena.net or mailed to:

Attn. Water Conservation
Pasadena Water and Power
150 S. Los Robles, Suite 200
Pasadena, CA 91101

2. Watch the recorded workshop from May 2020.

3. Send in post-installation photos to PWP via email to water@cityofpasadena.net.

Important Program Information

Limit two Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kits per household.

Kit must be installed within 120 days or full retail price will be charged to your water bill.

Customers must have an above-ground sprinkler/spray irrigation system that they will be retrofitting.

Other Resources

PWP contractor Tim Wheeler shows how to convert spray to drip in this short video!

Watch our full virtual workshop on Spray-to-Drip retrofitting below!


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