A Sustainable Future

At Pasadena Water and Power, we understand that the choices we make today will help make a better future. PWP is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using a balanced and sustainable mix of energy sources. Additionally, we help customers become more efficient users of energy and water by offering programs for those that want to do more to protect the planet.

Our Power Portfolio

PWP has committed to procuring 60% of the power the City uses from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and small hydroelectric by 2030. This renewable energy goal is known as a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). PWP achieved an RPS of 38% in 2017.

PWP is well-positioned to meet its sustainability goals as it continues to expand its use of renewable resources through a number of sustainable projects. Here is a detailed look at our renewable energy sources:

PWP's Power Mix

    Sustainable Programs and Initiatives

    From getting more out of the energy you use to improving local water supply, we provide all our customers with opportunities to make a difference.