Cross-Connection Program - Syncta FAQ

1. When is the cut-off date for submitting test reports via e-mail or mail?

Starting June 17, 2024, Pasadena Water and Power will no longer accept backflow annual test reports via mail or email. All test report(s) need to be submitted by L.A. County Certified Backflow Prevention Tester via Syncta’s online tester portal. Click the button above to submit a test report. Click here for a list of L.A. County Certified Backflow Prevention Testing businesses.

2. When using Syncta, how much does it cost for me to submit a test report?

There is no direct cost for PWP customers to submit a test report. The cost for an L.A. County Certified Tester to submit one test report is $4.95. In general, this cost is included in the fee that the tester invoices the customer.

3. After the cut-off date, can I still mail-in or email my test report(s)?


4. Both Pasadena Public Health Department and Pasadena Water and Power manage back flow devices, how do I know where to send the test report(s) for my device?

If we have your email on file, you will receive a test reminder via email. In the test reminder, the name of the managing department will be visible. If you have concerns, please show your test reminder to the tester. The tester will be able to identify the appropriate department to submit report to for your device(s).
If you don’t have an email on file with PWP, you will continue to receive test reminders and blank test reports via mail. The managing department will be easy to identify on these documents.

5. How do I register and create an account with Syncta?

6. How can I update my contact information in Syncta?

There are multiple ways to update your information in Syncta.

  • If you already have an account registered with Syncta, you can log into your account and view your contact information. You can update your contact information if needed.
  • If you don’t have an account registered with Syncta, you can ask the tester to verify and update your contact information when testing your device(s).

7. How can I get support if I have technical issues with Syncta?

Syncta provides technical support on its website at this link. If you are an existing PWP customer, we are always here to help you. You can contact or call (626) 744-7958 if you have any questions, including technical issues about Syncta.

8. If I replaced a device since my last test, how can I add this device online?

When a tester tests your backflow device, they can indicate a new device has been installed as a replacement in the test reports. If you have a Syncta account, you can also add a replacement device in your account.
The updates from either tester or customer will be reviewed by PWP Cross-Connection Control Program Coordinator. If the replacement device meets the requirements, it will be approved and registered in the PWP’s Syncta system.

9. Can I submit the test report on my own instead of by a certified tester?

Only L.A. County Certified Backflow Prevention Tester can submit test report(s). If the tester is not a L.A. County Certified Backflow Prevention Tester, the test report will be deemed invalid and rejected.

10. My device is due for a test. However, I don’t see an email test reminder from Syncta, what should I do?

This can be due to a couple of reasons:

  • Your inbox accidently screened out the emails. Please check all your email folders including the spam folder.
  • We don’t have your mail on file yet. A paper reminder will be sent to you prior to the test due date of your device(s).

If you would like to receive your test reminder via email instead of mail, please contact or call (626) 744-7958 and add your email address in the system.

If you know your device testing is due and you have not received the reminder, you can always hire a L.A. County Certified Backflow Prevention Tester to perform the test, the testers can look up your device and submit test report without a test reminder. Click here for a list of L.A. County Certified Backflow Prevention Testing businesses.