The Ripple Effect

Start the Ripple Effect

Water plays a pivotal role in our lives, and understanding its journey enriches our sense of connection to a larger collective. About one third of our community's water comes from local sources, pulling water from our local groundwater aquifer, the Raymond Basin. The remaining two-thirds of our water supply  is intertwined with the greater narrative of imported water. Delving into the Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) story map unveils the trajectory of our water—its origins, diverse sources, and the intricate journey it traverses before reaching our boundaries. As part of this interconnected network, our community benefits from vital infrastructure and ongoing projects that ensure the delivery of safe, clean water, both from our local groundwater and our imported resources. Knowing our water's source instills a deeper appreciation and motivates us to contribute.

Join the Ripple Effect

Every individual’s actions matter in preserving this resource. Small steps, whether it is taking time to learn about our water, participating in programs, attending workshops, or educating your friends and neighbors, collectively contribute to securing a sustainable water future for all. Each action we take starts the ripple of change, making a greater impact as more of our community participates.

Be Part of the Ripple Effect

We invite every member of our community to embrace their role as local water stewards. Each one of us holds a vital place in shaping Pasadena's water future. It all starts by delving into the captivating history of Pasadena's water, a legacy spanning more than 100 years, highlighting the profound significance of water in our community's story. Understanding the origins of our water sparks a greater appreciation for our water resources, inspiring us to collective action for a sustainable water future.

PWP is committed to do our part as we look towards a sustainable water future. Ensuring water safety and quality and investing in water infrastructure projects are essential components of fostering water resilience and sustainability within our community. Through strategic infrastructure projects, we ensure the reliability of safe, clean drinking water for generations to come. By prioritizing these initiatives, we not only guarantee access to clean and reliable water but also contribute to the long-term sustainability and the overall resilience of our community. This shared vision of sustainability and respect for our natural resources isn't just an ideal; it's a path paved with practical steps that each of us can take. PWP offers a suite of programs designed to bring this vision into reality. These initiatives not only resonate with our commitment to water stewardship but also provide tangible benefits to our community members.

Let’s explore our history, PWP’s work, and how you can actively participate and make a difference:

These programs are more than just incentives; they are opportunities for each of us to contribute actively to the legacy of water stewardship for our community. By engaging with these initiatives, you’re not just making changes for the betterment of your home or garden; you’re playing a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future for our entire community. Let’s continue making waves together, by joining the journey of a drop.