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PWP Receives its 14th Consecutive Tree Line USA Award

Utility male worker on a bucket trimming trees

For the 14th consecutive year, PWP has received the Tree Line USA Award. Given to utilities by the National Arbor Day Foundation, the award honors a commitment to proper tree pruning, planning and care. The Tree Line USA Program recognizes utilities who practice the following five core standards:

1. Quality Tree Care — Industry standards for pruning, planting, removals, trenching, and tunneling near trees are consistently followed.

2. Annual Worker Training — Utility employees and contract workers are trained at least annually in best practices.

3. Tree Planting and Public Education — Tree planting and public education programs are available to the public and paying customers, demonstrating proper tree planting, placement, and pruning while expanding the tree canopy in the community.

4. Tree-Based Energy Conservation Program — A formal tree-based energy conservation program is in place, putting special consideration on the value of trees in conserving energy.

5. Arbor Day Celebration — Sponsorship of or participation in annual Arbor Day events at the community level are documented, including collaboration with community groups whenever possible.

PWP takes pride in the superior care of Pasadena's 62,000 trees, and is honored to be among the utilities recognized. For more information about the Tree USA Program, click here.