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Wadsworth Treatment Facility

About the Project

The Wadsworth Treatment Facility is a state-of-the-art facility that further cleans the local groundwater and increases local supply reliability and resilience. This new project, delivered on budget and on schedule, treats water collected by three groundwater wells and includes six 22-foot-tall vessels filled with granular activated carbon that removes volatile organic compounds, a 16-foot-tall steel tank for backwash water, a sodium hypochlorite disinfection system, an emergency generator, and hi-tech instrumentation, controls, and security. The total capacity of the treatment plant is 3,000 gallons per minute and treats the same amount of water that about 15,000 families use in a year.

The Wadsworth Treatment Facility project was identified in PWP’s Water System and Resources Plan (WSRP), Pasadena’s roadmap for long-term capital and water resource planning that addresses its aging infrastructure, future water demands, existing water resources, and opportunities for new water supplies. The WSRP prioritizes capital improvements and water resource projects considering budgetary and scheduling constraints and provides guidance for PWP through year 2045.