Water Cost of Service Analysis & Rate Design

PWP is a self-funding, community-owned water utility, or a non-profit entity, created to provide safe, reliable drinking water to the Pasadena area community. The water services are funded by customer rate revenue to pay for operating and maintaining the system (labor, supplies, and electricity costs) as well as projects to rehabilitate all of the pipes, tanks wells, reservoirs, and other investments. In addition, for a financially resilient system, rates also go toward debt service to pay back loans and help with reserves to make sure PWP can respond and fund unforeseen circumstances.

As such, rates must keep up with the costs to run the water system and the rate study provided a review of who pays what and how much, producing a new rate structure and prices for water services effective July 1, 2024.

Bill Estimator

To see how much your bill may change, please visit our bill estimator HERE.

The bill estimator is a simplified version of all billing inputs and therefore actual bills may vary. The intent is to provide customers with a general sense of how their budgets might be impacted based on individual projections of use. The bill also shows the changes for sewer and refuse services from the City of Pasadena. For more information on sewer and refuse rates, visit the City of Pasadena Public Works Dept.

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Water Financial Plan & Rate Study

Notice of Public Hearing

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