Water Revenue Bonds Upgraded to ‘AAA’ Rating

The WSRP Logo has a large central circle with five smaller circles branching off from it. The central circle reads, "PWP Water System and Resources Plan". The smaller circles read, "Infrastructure, Water Resources, Financial Planning, Future Demand, and Water Quality".

Fitch Ratings recently upgraded PWP’s Water Revenue Bonds to ‘AAA,’ the agency’s highest rating. This rating reaffirms confidence in PWP’s budget, planning, and resource management. Fitch cited PWP’s favorable service area, very low operating cost burden, and long-term capital projects that are well-scoped and defined in the Water System and Resources Plan (WSRP) as justifications for the AAA rating.

The WSRP is Pasadena’s roadmap for long-term capital and water resource planning that addresses its aging infrastructure, future water demands, existing water resources, and opportunities for new water supplies.

Learn more about the WSRP at PWPweb.com/WSRP.