PWP Plans Pasadena's Water Future

PWP is focused on ensuring Pasadena's water future is secure through long-range planning for our sustainable resources, as well as our infrastructure. In 2018, PWP plans to update two critical planning documents, the Water System Master Plan and the Water Integrated Resource Plan, to create a combined document called the Water System and Resources Plan (“Water SRP”).

The Water System Master Plan helps to outline the framework of our water infrastructure to ensure we build, maintain, and continue to deliver reliable water to the community. Furthermore, the plan serves as a guideline for long-term investments.

The Water Integrated Resource Plan is a blueprint for addressing Pasadena's growth, future water needs, and Pasadena's procurement of water supply resources in order to meet our goals and achieve regulatory compliance. Updating both plans concurrently will ensure there is a greater synergy with maintaining our infrastructure and sustaining water supplies to meet Pasadena's growing needs.

The Water System and Resources Plan is Pasadena’s roadmap for long-term capital and water resource planning that addresses its aging infrastructure, future water demands, existing water resources, and opportunities for new water supplies.

Public Input Opportunities 

As with all of our long-term plans, public input and feedback is essential to the development process. PWP will plan a series of community meetings throughout the year to present and discuss our future plans for PWP's water resources and infrastructure. Please visit this page again in the future for community meeting updates.

We encourage you to become familiar with our previous Water System Master Plan and Water Integrated Resources Plan before we begin our updates. To provide feedback on what you want to see for the future, please send us a message below:


Water Plan Updates Feedback Form