PWP Forms Water Task Force

Water Task Force Executes Vital Projects During COVID-19

With businesses and organizations transitioning to teleworking during the Safer at Home Order, many locations throughout Pasadena have few to no members of the workforce physically present at businesses. PWP recognized this as an ideal time to pursue vital projects that would typically have created disruption at the workplace, but with most visitors and employees offsite, would be viable. PWP’s water team has formed an internal taskforce  to select critical projects that could be performed during COVID-19. As essential workers, the water team identified members from engineering, operations and water quality divisions, as well as water conservation, to focus on projects that would ensure public safety and maintain system reliability.

Types of Projects

Aging Infrastructure 

The taskforce identified several large customers, such as schools and hotels, that were not operating at full capacity during the pandemic. During these past few months, During these past few months, the water team replaced aging infrastructure, which included 1, 2, 4 and 8-inch mains throughout a number of the business facilities. The taskforce has also replaced aged large meters, installed large valves in the road and completed improvements to support several new developments in Pasadena.



Involving Local Contractors

The taskforce specifically picked projects that could utilize local contractors as a means to stimulate Pasadena economy during the pandemic. PWP coordinated with local contractors for use of equipment and replacement tools and they were used to help repair fences, roofs, and concrete walls and pads.

Virtual Workshops

With many residents at home during COVID-19, PWP received a lot of interest in programs that provide DIY outdoor projects, such as spray-to-drip retrofitting, drought-tolerant landscaping, and greywater installations. The water conservation team and taskforce were able to effectively shift “in-person” workshops to an online presence. The first virtual workshop had the success of having nearly 80 attendees; and the taskforce has plans to continue holding virtual workshops and seminars for the community.