Wildfire Mitigation Plan

As a community-owned utility, PWP strives to provide safe, reliable service to Pasadena. Part of that service includes preventing the spread of wildfires in our community, and PWP produces a Wildfire Mitigation Plan routinely in order to identify and put into action wildfire prevention strategies.

The first PWP Wildfire Mitigation plan was approved by City Council in November 2019, since then PWP has worked on several projects and implemented various programs, such as:

  • Installation of covered overhead wires in the Tier 2 Elevated Fire Area surrounding Sequoia Dr., Anita Dr., Malcom Dr., Glenover Dr. and Glenullen Dr.
  • De-energize primary voltage overhead electric system in Millard Canyon, located in Tier 3 Extreme Fire Area, by converting high voltage system to low voltage system.
  • Focused inspection, repair, and replacement of overhead infrastructure in Tier 2 Elevated Fire Areas.
  • Installation of covered conductors in Tier 2 Elevated Fire Area on Rosemont Ave. from Washington Blvd. to Arroyo Blvd.

Read the 2024 Wildfire Mitigation Plan.

The Pasadena Fire Department engaged in an independent evaluation of the 2022 Wildfire Mitigation Plan. The evaluation was performed between February and April 2022, and the report completed on April 14, 2022. Pasadena Fire Department has concluded that the PWP Wildfire Mitigation Plan is comprehensive and meets the requirements in accordance with PUC Section 8387 as it relates to Publicly Owned Utilities.

Read the Independent Evaluation by Pasadena Fire Department.