Wood Pole Inspection and Replacement Program

Pasadena Water and Power’s (“PWP”) power pole inspection contractor, Osmose, will be performing utility pole inspections throughout Pasadena. To conduct inspections, it may be necessary for the contractor to access private property to reach poles that are located along back property lines. Osmose employees will be in company uniform, will be driving company trucks, will carry identification, and will make contact with residents before entering private property.

PWP’s wooden utility poles will be inspected for signs of wear, insect infestation or damage from motor vehicle accidents as part of an annual program. As part of the process, a visual inspection is done, and the pole is checked to determine if the interior is sound. Inspectors are looking for compromised poles and performing repairs as needed. Some poles may also need to be replaced at a later date based on the results of the inspections. Poles are also photographed, and condition is documented. This process is essential for PWP to maintain system reliability enhances public safety, reduce long-term operating costs, and lessen the occurrence of unexpected power outages. 

For more information about the power pole inspection and treatment, contact the Citizen Service Center at (626) 744-7311.