Water System & Resources Plan

The Water System and Resources Plan (WSRP) is Pasadena’s roadmap for long-term capital and water resource planning that addresses its aging infrastructure, future water demands, existing water resources, and opportunities for new water supplies. 

About the WSRP

The Water System and Resources Plan (“WSRP”) updated both the 2002 Water System Master Plan and the 2011 Water Integrated Resources Plan. Development of the plan started in the fall of 2018 and was completed in December 2020. The WSRP prioritizes capital improvements and water resource projects considering budgetary and scheduling constraints and provides guidance for PWP through year 2045.

The Final WSRP was made available for public review on December 23, 2020.

Final Water System and Resources Plan

Appendix A - Water Demand Forecast
Appendix B - System Schematics and Maps
Appendix C - Supply Reliability Assessment
Appendix D - Hydraulic Model
Appendix E - Distribution System Analysis
Appendix F - Water Supply and Distribution Options
Appendix G - Distribution and Storage Options
Appendix H - Portfolio Evaluation Details
Appendix I - Distribution Pipelines Evaluation Reports  
Appendix J - Responses to the Environmental Advisory Commission Comments
Appendix K - Responses to RBMB Final


PWP has been implementing the recommendations in the 2002 Master Plan for many years. The updated plan reflects the current water supply and demands and include the improvements made to PWP’s water infrastructure and, through new assessments, prepares PWP for the next 25 years of capital planning.

As a resource planning and policy tool, the 2011 Resource Plan has been in effect for years. The WSRP includes the changing conditions, and is consistent with new policies and regulations that have since emerged.

Historically, PWP’s water supply has relied on two main sources: imported water from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and groundwater pumped from the Raymond Basin. PWP’s continued reliance on groundwater requires a sustainable groundwater basin. One of the primary objectives of the WSRP is to establish policies and develop strategies for meeting PWP’s current and future water needs.

Groundwater underneath the greater Pasadena area has decreased dramatically over the past 100 years. PWP is taking a proactive approach, and plans to maximize water resources through a series of coordinated projects that will recharge the groundwater basin.

Public Input Opportunities

PWP held two community meetings in November 2019 to receive public feedback regarding the WSRP.

To view the community meeting's presentation, click here.